Toon-Talker is a blog about Cartoons Comics & Animation, with a few Monsters thrown in for good measure! I will be making a cosy home for fanboys and fangirls of the hand-drawn artform that we all grow up passionate advocates for, whether they be cartoon TV shows, Films, adverts, Comics & Graphic Novels, Single-Panel Gags, Caricatures, Toys etc, from yesteryear to the “Toons of Tomorrow!” Convos about games and Technology like AR & VR, as well as the artform of cartoon & illustration itself, like how to draw stuff, and what tools are good for what etc etc. Feel free to subscribe and share the lurve, and listen too the dulcet tones of the “Toon-Talker” hisself, casting on the ‘waves of the Pod, (Toon-Talker Podcast).

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