Show how you feel about your best friend with an illustrated portrait, hand-painted, complete with your very own special message – a letter to your best friend.

A finished portrait is AU$200 + Delivery within Australia ($10) or see the shop for international freight.

‘As a professional illustrator with over 30 years’ experience in portraiture and caricatures I know how to capture the  essence of a subject. I have a great love & respect for dogs. Their loyalty is beyond measure and once they have entered your heart, they are there forever. They stay, ever-faithfully, by our side through thick and thin. They share our adventures, our hopes and dreams. They are forever a part of us and we of them. just as Jerry Jeff Walker wrote in his song “Mr Bojangles”: “He spoke with tears of 15 years of how his dog and him but just travelled all about His dog up and died, he up and died, and after 20 years he still grieves”

My passion is to paint them. Each time I do I discover something new, their faces tell so much. Together we can create a very special tribute to your  beloved pet, something that captures their individual  character, that you can keep forever’.

Here’s how it works:

1. First, you write a few words from the heart, that epitomise your best friend, and email me your favourite photos, photos that show your best friend in good detail & suitable for a painting and I will create a portrait which captures his or her true character. From your photos, I hand-draw your dog in detail, so the photos must be clear for me to see his personality. Check out the gallery for ideas.


2. After scanning the sketch I paint the portrait in the computer and letter the words you have supplied. Keep the “letter” brief, so that I have plenty of room for your best friend’s face! Write something form your heart, like you are talking directly to your dog! If he shakes your hand or licks your face when you read them your “letter”, then you’ll know you have something really special!

3. The completed portrait is then printed on high-quality thick paper with fade-proof inks that will last forever, showing awesome detail of pencil and brush strokes. The final image size is 12 inches by 12 inches (305mm x 305 mm), with a wide white border, making the overall size 15 inches by 15 inches (380mm x 380mm).


4. I then add final touches to the print by hand, with gold leaf, highlighting special words in your letter, making them shine out from the printed surface!

5. Finally, the print is mailed it to you in a sturdy mailing tube, ready for you to frame and hang.




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