11 ways to be creative – the easy way!

By Frantz Kantor

  1. Make lots of mistakes.

Mistakes are an artist’s best friend. Get to know them. Name them affectionately. Draw moustaches on them when they’re not looking. It’s great to make mistakes because they sharpen your wits and resolve and that means that you are getting even closer to the perfect solution. Think of Michelangelo when asked how he made his sculpture of David he replied that he merely chipped away all that wasn’t David and there it was!

2. Sleep.

Perchance to dream. (Perchance to wake up at 2am and spend 2 hours looking for a pencil to draw your dream before you forget it!) (see 4)

3. Face your dream.

Be confident that you are a genius and that you can tackle any problem with a pencil, no matter how scary! Sometimes adrenaline (& pee) can trigger a ton of great visual ideas!

4. Keep a Pad & Pencil.

Draw your ideas. (Even while driving!). Ignore the beeps as the lights go green for the third time.

5. Exercise outdoors.

Oxygen & Pollen are great for generating creative ideas.

6. Draw & write your ideas early in the morning.

Be brave! Get your ideas down before you have a coffee. The sleepy brain doesn’t have an edit button. Sometimes Genius sounds like gibberish.

7. Draw & write your ideas later in the morning.

Redraw & Review your ideas after you have a coffee or other stimulant (like a sudden shock). Sometimes Gibberish sounds like Genius when you are tired.

8. Doodle all the time.

Draw characters often. Characters imply stories and they can open floodgates of creative ideas. (Try the “Drawing faces in circles” exercise).

9.Give your characters a voice.

Often, a different type of creative activity will expand your creative consciousness, giving your characters voices (aloud) will give them more solidity in your imagination. Also great for increasing your space requirements on a commute.

10. Channel your inner child. Ask yourself  “What would Michelangelo do?”  or “How would the other Turtles respond?”. Posing “What ifs” is a great way of generating creative energy to apply to all kinds of problem-solving activity & situations. Allowing an attitude of “play” rubs off on every job you do, making them seem easier & fun.

11. Use traditional creative “Triggers”.

Listening to or thinking about music can be a great source of creative inspiration, but don’t be predictable. Mix it up. Play that persistent tune in your head – but change the instrument to a Tuba or a squeezebox accordion. Unpredictability gives rise to more exiting ideas.

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