What is this project?

”VOICES of the Holocaust“ is a 60 minute animated documentary telling the true stories of Holocaust survivors in their own words. The film will feature 6 stories of Holocaust survivors, animated in 6 different animation techniques and styles, all featuring a common link that begins and ends their journeys (a child’s suitcase), a poignant reminder of their humanity and vulnerability. These are not stories of horror though, these are stories of resilience and strength, survival and self-sacrifice, true traits of heroes and shining examples of courage for today’s children.

The film will be marketed to cinema in both animation festivals and traditional documentary festivals, TV, Cable, DVD and Video-on-demand stores like Amazon, Hulu and itunes. Animated films traditionally have a longer shelf life than any live action film, because the visual style doesn’t become out of date or corny, this is also true of the documentary genre.

What is an animated documentary?

This is a style of visual storytelling that is very moving and memorable because it is also unexpected. Animation is traditionally considered a friendly genre that people are comfortable with, it can reach an audience that might not watch a live action documentary. The stories are given a layer of visual context that enhances and contrasts the words or narrative. The words come alive visually in a way that film or photos cannot achieve.

What is the visual style of this Documentary Film?

The Visual Style of the documentary will involve using 6 different modern animation techniques, linked together with a common narrative storytelling thread. This is the first time a Holocaust film will be depicted in modern animation techniques. Using ground-breaking digital animation techniques pioneered by documentaries like “Waltz with Bashir”, “Waking Life” and films like “A Scanner Darkly”, – the stories will resonate with audiences by the use of illustrated metaphors and analogies. Animated characters allow viewers to identify with them more readily because they take the viewer on a visual journey, illustrating the narrative in an unexpected and personal way.

How much will this Documentary Film cost?

Typically, animation costs are much cheaper than live action. Currently in Australia, animation is at least $5,000 per minute. That equates to a minimum of $300,000 for a 60 minute animated film that requires about 18,000 individual animated frames. We have developed a visual animation technique that can suit many animation styles and can be produced for a fraction of the cost, (typically a third, which would equate to $100,000)

(A full Animation Producers budget & Director’s statement is available upon request).


What does this Animated Documentary mean to the world?

This is a serious animated film (not a cute cartoon) documenting the Holocaust for today’s discerning audiences, who do not especially watch documentaries.

Imagine these stories animated for the first time, profoundly moving in their emotional visual narrative that only true art can achieve. Paintings that come alive on the big screen, poignantly recalling every terrible moment, every painted frame of film describing, in  perfect concert with each survivors own words, the horror, the sadness, the brief moments of a child’s happiness – all too soon snatched away. These are stories of human courage in the face of the greatest evil perpetrated by mankind on his fellow man.

The producers feel that the merits of this film would be attractive to film festivals around the world. Furthermore, the Voices documentary will be broken into 6 separate study modules for schools, along with an online printed projects and supplementary material, providing an extensive study course in keeping with national and international education standards. Make no mistake, this film, and the voices herein, will tell these most important stories for generations to come.

(Full details of financial projections available on request, as well as full budget and time projection of deliverables).


Who are we?

We are committed group of Jewish film makers, intent on telling these vital stories before they are lost to the indifference of time.

Frantz Kantor – The director / animation producer.

Shhh! Productions (formerly Hollywood House Video) – producers of over 50 documentaries.

(Full details and CVs available on request).

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